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Upgrades for Michell GyroDec, Gyro SE, Orbe and Orbe SE

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Listed below: a few selected quotes from the References:

"It's like rediscovering your record collection!"

- Paolo Zanetti, Italia

"Thank you so much for this perfect product at a cost that is pennies compared to the results."

- Donald Troise, USA

"Armboard upgrade looks really nice and the quality is top notch!"

- Kimmo Kitonen, Finland

The independent Pedersens Gyro armboard and Michell turntable upgradekits are widely sold to music enthusiasts all over the world! Each dot on the map indicates either a main turntable upgradekit, or a GP armboard kit sold to one or more music-lovers from that region.

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Pedersens Gyro Full upgrades and

Armboard upgrades available for:

    • Michell GyroDec

    • Michell Gyro SE

    • Michell Orbe

    • Michell Orbe SE

For further information about the upgradekits, check out the Description, Armboard page, Info & prices, or e-mail Gert Pedersen at: