GP Armboard Upgradekits

Here's some feedback from people who've bought my armboard upgrade kits (sorted by date): 

GP Armboard Upgradekit for TecnoArm

- Robert Fernandes, The Netherlands, August 2023. 

Michell GyroDec SE, TecnoArm.

"Your armboard has improved the sound from my GyroSE greatly; better separation of instruments, better defined bass. The lower notes on the piano sound far more realistic, and in busy compostions with lots of different instruments, it doesn't become a hash where softer playing instruments are drowned out by louder ones. 

I can finally hear the entire bassline played in songs."

GP Armboard Upgradekit for SME IV

- Marcus Dean, New Zealand, June 2022. 

Michell GyroDec SE, SME IV Arm.

"Everything is fitted and it sounds amazing. Your armboard kit has made a huge difference to the sound of my Gyro.

Separation of instruments is a lot better.

Accuracy and timing of notes starting and finishing is better.

Low and high notes are clearer and more extended and the soundstage has moved further back in the room.

Amazing change to the whole presentation of music, I am very happy with this modification, thank you for taking the time to perfect it, and thank you for promptly answering any fitting queries that I sent you via email."

GP Armboard Upgradekit for Jelco Arm

- Peter Williamson, United Kingdom, May 2020

Michell GyroDec SE, Jelco Arm.

"I received the arm board yesterday 30th April 2020. From ordering to delivery took only 5 days, and I had it installed within 10 minutes. The first thing I noticed was the treble quality, it seemed to have cleaned it up, I can hear a lot more detail on records that I thought I knew. It seems to add a sense of control to the treble, the rest of the frequency range is just the same. 

For the price I paid this mod is a steal, I only wish I had done it sooner. All I can say is thank you for the quick service, and thank you for a great arm board."

GP Armboard Upgradekit for Origin Live

- Glenn Ilahi, The Netherlands, April 2019

Michell GyroDec SE, Origin Live Silver MK III, Coral 8 M, low output MC Cartridge.

"The arm-board for my Origin Live arm and Michell Gyro SE turntable, is a very effective and worthwhile upgrade for the price.

I do recommend it!"

GP Armboard Upgradekit for SME V

- Adriano Nazareth, Portugal. January 2019

Michell Orbe, SME V, Van den Huk MC 1 pickup.

"First of all, I would like to say that I always tried to have a sound that pleases me. I already had a good sound: stage large and deep; basses solid and deep; lot of "air" around the instruments and voices.

Why I did the GP armboard upgradekit? Because of what I read about the GP armboard upgrade kit - it seemed to me well thought out and if I didn't like it, I could return to original armboard.

Conclusion: With the GP armboard upgradekit I have everything I had already, but better. More stage, more detail, more "air" and more microdynamic information. Yes, it's better in everything.

Congratulations Gert! Now I will been "eyeing" the ORBE upgradekit, but at this moment I want enjoy the "new sound" that I have in my house."

GP Armboard Upgradekit for SME V

- Paolo Zanetti, Bologna, Italia. July 2018

Michell Gyrodec Mk III, SME V, Lyra Delos pickup, Kimber Kcag.

"My short review of the armboard upgrade:

Set up is very simple and then record after record you start to hear what was not there before, or so it seemed.

What is most striking is the sensation of naturalness and immediacy in reproduction. The volume can be raised a lot without creating confusion or kneading. Then you understand that everything is cleaner, more precise, the stage is deeper and bigger in all directions. The low and medium bass are also deeper and more authoritative.

In short, the sound becomes engaging, pleasant even with the recordings that you thought were bad. It's like rediscovering your record collection.

I was not expecting such a change, I'm really surprised, and I think I just got a deal.

So, thanks again Gert."

GP Armboard Upgradekit for Pete Riggle Wood Arm

- Donald Troise, Florida, USA. September 2017

Michell Orbe SE with Pete Riggle Wood Arm, Soundsmith Zephyr pick-up.

"I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your arm board upgrade kit. The change in clarity and background is not subtle and it is immediate, there is a depth to the sound stage that was not there before. The noise level from the vinyl has also dropped significantly allowing a clarity that I had not heard before.


I did not believe that there would be this much of a difference for this excellent Turn Table.

It is like upgrading my Soundsmith cartridge to their top of the line. (No need to do that now.)

Thank you so much for this perfect product at a cost that is pennies compared to the results."

GP Armboard Upgradekit

"In general, the overall sound is going from good to great. There is a lot more space between the instruments. Tracy Chapman's voice is more clean and raw. Dire Straits Private Investigation has a more defined and solid bass in a sound picture, which now has more clearence than I ever thought possible.

Great job Gert!"

GP Armboard Upgradekit for SME 309

- John Crowther, Edinbourgh, United Kingdom. October 2016

Michell Gyro SE, SME 309 Arm, Ortofon Cadenza blue pick-up.

"Many thanks for this superb upgrade, it has improved the overall sound of the deck greatly. And thanks too for the service you provide. The whole transaction has been very pleasant experience, and quite rare these days. Keep up the good work!"

GP Armboard Upgradekit for TecnoArm

- Kerem, Turkey. June 2016.

Michell ORBE, TecnoArm, Ortofon Cadenza Blue cartridge.


"Finally I've completed installation processes. Result is only one word: 'wowwww'

My first impressions are, some unvisible layers are removed. Especially when listening to big orchestras, all of the instruments are separated from each other. I feel great concert hall stage in my home. I can imagine all of the groups in the orchestra. Violins, second violins, viola's, cello' s, bass'es succesfully seperated from each other and much more resolution..

I want to congratulate your wonderful research and development activities for Michell Turntables."

GP Armboard Upgradekit for TecnoArm

- Alan Shulman, USA. May 2016.

Michell GyroDec SE, TecnoArm, Sumiko cartridge.

 "Your armboard upgrade looks great, sounds terrific and fits like a glove.  It looks and sounds like it was meant to be there, firming up the bass and allowing for greater accuracy.  A noticeable and affordable upgrade!"

GP Armboard Upgradekit for SME 309

- René Prins, The Netherlands. March 2016.

Michell GyroDec, SME 309 arm.

"Compared to this upgrade before it sounded like there was noise coming from three blocks away and you never could point out what that sound really was. Parts in music where you had trouble really hearing what was going on is now like you have your hearing back. I guess that when I  re-listen my record collection I'll think that I have some new records too.

Installing is easy and the parts that were delivered are well made and fits perfectly. For esthetic reasons it is also a very nice upgrade, the Gyro looks much better with it."

GP Armboard Upgradekit for Origin Live

- John D, Canada. January 2016

Michell GyroDec SE, Origin Live Encounter arm, Shelter 7000 cartridge.

 "Installation was a very simple and straightforward. I’ve spent the better part of the week listening to records with the arm board upgrade and my impressions of the modification is very much the same as others have experienced. The first thing that I noticed in the first 15 seconds was the attack and how it improved for the better. Overall, a greater sense of an actual musician in front of me. 

I highly recommend this upgrade to any Michell owner. 

 I would also like to add a thank you for your time and especially for your enthusiasm. Gert, you are a pleasure to deal with."

GP Armboard Upgradekit fir SME IV

- Peter Embleton, United Kingdom. April 2015

Michell ORBE SE, SME IV. 

"Just a line to say that I have spent the last few days going through my vinyl collection and this modification is sensational and easily the best value upgrade I have ever carried out.

Everything is so much clearer, more space around the instruments and vocal harmonies so much easier to separate.

Great work, thank you so much."

GP Armboard Upgradekit for SME V

- Pete Rogers, United Kingdom. February 2015.

Michell ORBE, SME V, Lyra Scala cartridge. 

"The kit is easy to fit even for a ham fisted idiot like me. It also looks good and enhances the aesthics of the Orbe.

As for the sound I could remark on the extended tight and tuneful bass or the clean and coloration free midrange or the greater dynamic contrasts rendered without distortion even at high level. However there is no need to resort to such disection of the sound as it suffices to say that the armboard modification improves every single aspect. Furthermore it does it in such a way that  is completey cohesive without spotlighting any individual considertion. As it improves everything it is therefore implicit that there are no downsides.

It is essential to remark that the improvements are in no way marginal, apparent only to the golden eared, but of a significant scale. It is akin to buying a new and expensive cartridge/arm/turntable combination and has caused me to reassess the capabilities of the Orbe (positively).

I would describe the overall result as revelatory. Indeed there has not been a single disc listened to since fitting it where I have not learned more about the music and performance.

Congratulations Gert on your superb product. Any Gyro or Orbe owner can be assured that by fitting this modification they will gain substantial improvements at a very moderate cost without risk of disappointment."

GP Armboard Upgradekit for Rega RB600

- Rob Neefs, The Netherlands. October 2014.

Michell GyroDec SE, Rega RB 600 arm, ZYX RS 2000 pickup. 

 "Na montage van mijn armboard upgrade is het geluid rustiger.

Aanvankelijk had ik te veel bas geluid die de boven toon voerde.

Nu is het laag, mid en hoog beter gebalanceerd.

Deze relatief eenvoudige upgrade is een must voor je draaitafel, die een grote geluids voldoening geeft.

De onderdelen die geleverd worden passen perfect en zijn eenvoudig te monteren.

Gert Pedersen maakt waar wat hij belooft, super."

GP Armboard Upgradekit for Audio Note

- Kimmo Ketonen, Finland. September 2014.

Michell GyroDec MK V, Audio Note arm 3/II, Ortofon Cadenza Blue.

"Armboard upgrade looks really nice and the quality is top notch! It was easy to install and the instructions made it even easier.

Sound surprised me even more :) There was a noticeable improvement to the old sound. Imaging and bass are now more controlled and details are easier to hear.

I will definitely recommend this upgrade to any Gyrodec/Gyro Se owners. Great work Gert and thank you!"

GP Armboard Upgradekit for SME

- Sergei Kostin, Saint-Petersburg, Russia. September 2014.

Michell GyroDec SE, Orbe platter, SME IV arm, Linn Akiva pick-up. 

"Armboard is effectiveness. Sounds more details, bass structured, fast, clear. Vocals fully informative, live. Rhythm is best. Possible, it is simply and effective upgrade for Michell turntables. Many thanks to You for all. Good luck to your business."

GP Armboard Upgradekit for SME

-Michael Gammage, Birmingham, UK. February 2007.

GyroDec SE, Orbe platter, SME V arm, Lyra Argo cartridge.

"Fitting was very simple - excellent and clear instructions - took about 15 minutes.

Now I have had a chance to listen I have to agree with all the previous comments about value for money!

Huge improvement in image definition and depth, much better controlled bass, superb instrument definition and detail, especially in the upper bass to mid range. Voices are much more real, as is piano.

Keep up the good work!"

GP Armboard Upgradekit for Odyssey

Shaun Chan, HongKong. January 2007.

Michell ORBE SE, Odyssey RP1-XG arm, Koetsu Urushi cartridge, 

"Well, I must congratulate your amazing armboard kit which elevates the Orbe SE into another level. The top is more open and more air. Image is more solid hence better body tone. The piano is crispy and more real, the sax is fuller, guitar is more transparent, and vocal has more body. The bass is also tightening up but not too much so it is still very extend and ease. Overall, the sound is more lively and open then before. Well the new Koetsu still needs time to break in so I guess when the full glory of the Koetsu unveils the sound will be amazing.

Thank you very much for this kit, truly worth every penny and more!"

GP Armboard Upgradekit for SME IV

-Gary Whitford, Bedfordshire, UK. January 2006

Michell ORBE SE, SME IV arm, Jan Allearts MC 1B cartridge.

"It was the cheapest tweak I have come across with such great results. I now have cleaner treble and better bass control. Its like a veil being lifted, but most impressive is the amount of extra detail that can now be heard.

I would urge any one with a Gyro-Dec or Orbe to try this mod out !!"

GP Armboard Upgradekit for Origin Live

-Peter Fong, Middelsex, UK. December 2005

Michell GyroDec SE, Rega Origin live silver arm, Lyra Lydian Beta MC cartridge.

"Many thanks for your prompt service. Many more thanks for bringing great music

into my life!

I take my hat off to you! Your armboard upgrade has truly surpassed my

expectations. Its cost is very small, so it is also a great audiophile

bargain. The most notable improvements to me are -stereo imaging is now

stable, separate voices well defined and musically together, extended bass, notes of

chords heard, reproduction of metallic timbre of bass strings of piano &


Before this I was thinking hard of what to change next - speakers,

amp, cables etc. This would have cost plenty. Now because the front end ie the source has

improved as never before, each component really does sound so very good!

Changing to a new megabucks amp would not have brought this level of improvement,

which is logical but because the Gyro was so highly rated I had overlooked its


Together with your upgrades these Mitchell decks are without competition.

Now I want to concentrate on getting the main GP upgrade. (see new reference above)

It was difficult for me to choose the numerous fine decks on the market but

now without doubt the Gyro fitted with GP Armboard upgrade offers the best

value by a wide margin."

GP Armboard Upgradekit for Origin Live

-Mark Townley, West midlands, UK. August 2005

Michell Gyrodec SE, grey, Origin Live 250 arm, Lyra Beta cartridge.

"I installed the armboard upgrade kit and was most impressed: Whilst individual instruments within the soundstage were better focussed, the soundstage itself gained in its proportion - particulary in its depth plane.... I then started to adjust the VTA height using the spacing washers - in the past I have not really been able to detect the change in sound by altering the VTA - with the armboard kit in place the changes in VTA were easily heard! This then resulted in several days of me playing around with the different spacer washers before finally settling on the combination I prefered.

In short I am really happy with the results and would recommend the upgrade kit to anyone who has not yet got one!!

Thanks for making my turntable sound even better than it did."

GP Armboard Upgradekit for SME IV

-Gianvittorio Solari, Genova, Italy. May 2005

Michell Gyrodec SE, grey, SME IV arm, Benz MC Wood 0,8 cartridge.

"I got a new Pre phono few months ago (AR PH5) and a new Cartridge (BENZ MC wood 0,8).

Since I installed everything joined with my Michell Gyrodec SE and the SME IV, big problems came out.

The bass was strongly blooming , especially on the high side of the bass frequencies.

The mid/high was behind a fog. No clarity and scene. The situation was really depressive.

Given that the sound with the CD was absolutely perfect, I started to exclude problems from the amplification or ambient.

I spoke about it to a friend of mine who suggested me to try the GP Armboard upgradekit. I did it. I must be honest: I was not expecting nothing radical from the kit, an improvment yes, but nothing more.

After I mounted a new world appeared in front of me, all the odds dissapeared.

Perfect bass control, Lucent high. The mid totally musical.

Even the scene opened wide giving details never heard with my equipment.

I am going to put a small monument of Gert in my living room."

GP Armboard Upgradekit for SME IV

-Jonathan Palin, Kent, UK. April 2005

Michell GyroDec V, SME IV arm, Ortofon Rohmann cartridge.

"Dear Gert - Finally found time to install SME armboard upgrade to my Gyro...

I must say it's a VERY impressive mod - Low level detail is much clearer - I actually thought it sounded like there was less Bass - I then realised it's all there - I just wasn't hearing the Woolyness and Bloat of resonances which weren't meant to be there - Imaging seems much improved and a level of "Grain" seems to have gone throughout the frequency spectrum - I think the control of resonances to and from the cartridge are responsible for this - exactly as your upgrade intended - Its a very cost-effective and noticeable upgrade - thanks!"

GP Armboard Upgradekit for Rega Origin Live

-Mark Brown, London, UK. January 2005

Michell GyroDec, Rega Origin Live RB 250 arm, Dynavector DV-10X4 cartridge.

"Well, after all this time I have got around to having the armboard upgrade installed. My question to you is, are you sure it shouldn't cost some more? :-)

I think this has proven to be more significant than a cartridge upgrade. It had an effect on three areas in my set up: Bass, Vocals and Treble. Bass was clearly more defined, it same the same power but was now more integrated in the mix. Vocals are even more clearer, I had a problem with slight sibilance - this is eliminated now. The treble, no more splash. I can hear the decay of the cymbals more naturally. Really glorious stuff!

I got to thank you for sharing this with the hifi community. I remember reading somewhere that this mod should be included on the Gyro and Orbe as standard. It's very true, this mod is THAT good. I think I'll put off buying a new cartridge until mid New Year.

Gert thank you, thank you, thank you :-)

All the best, have a fantastic 2005"

GP Armboard Upgradekit for SME V

-Joao Branco, Oeiras, Portugal. January 2005

Michell ORBE SE, SME V arm, Benz LP cartridge.

"Three days after placing my order, I received the armboard kit for my Michell Orbe SE / SME V tonearm (a very fast shipment). Only fifteen minutes of work and the kit was installed, replacing the original fixing screws and washers. Only 10 minutes more, for the final adjustments on my tonearm, and everything was ready to the final test. I was anxious to check the results of the GP Armboard Kit.

The DallasWind Symphony Fiesta, from Reference Recordings label, was the selected record to the final judgement of the Gert Pedersen armboard Kit.

The lights switched off and the show began.


What a big sound improvement! Much better than with the blue-tack technique, which I have experienced before, with good results!

Just four comments to describe the improvements I have immediatelly noticed:

- More air all around the instruments;

- More realistic 3D soundstage;

- Cleaner high frequencies;

- Deeper and more controlled bass.


I strongly recommend this fantastic hi-end product, without hesitation: - It produces a remarkable upgrade for a reasonable price!"

GP Armboard Upgradekit for SME IV

-Willem Schipper, Schiedam, The Netherlands. May 2004

GyroDec SE, SME IV arm, Denon 304 cartridge

"Saturday i mounted the armupgrade on my gyro SE.

It's an improvement !

More " air " around the voices.

Also the lower frequenties are cleaner.

The sound becomes more precieze.

I can say : it's an improvement !"

-Jamie Holland, Norwich, UK. February 2004

GP Armboard Upgradekit:

"Thanks Gert.

My thoughts:

The Pedersen Gyro SE Armboard upgrade is one of the best value tweaks I've ever made. In fact, not only does it improve a major weakness of the Gyro SE it also manages to look pretty as well. 100% satisfied."

GP Armboard Upgradekit for SME IV

-Colin Johnson, San Fransisco, USA. April 2003

"I finally got around to installing Gert's upgrade to my ORBE SE today.

I use an SME with this turntable and otehrs have commented upon the amount of energy this arm reflects back into the chassis and ultimately finds it's way into the bearing etc and colors the sound.

Gert Pederson from Denamrk addresses this issue with a few simple additions to the stock armboard.

I have to say it's made a dramatic difference to the sound of my turntable.

Imaging is more holographic.

The sound seems to have more detail and yet be more relaxed at the same time - simillar to what the EAR phono stage did in my system.

(Now I'll have to try it again, because it may be too much now)

Voices are incredible - Nora Jones sounds like she is in my living room :)

I'd recommend this upgrade to any Gyrodeck/ORBE owner and a cheap ($86 including shipping) way to better sound.

Gert even takes Paypal now after I persuaded him to get it :)

Well done Gert !!!"

GP Armboard Upgradekit

-Marcel, The Netherlands, January 2003

"Hi Gert,

Firts let me congratulate myself with the purchasing of your armboard upgrade, via Janis Lykakis (who indeed recently ordered two pieces). Second, let me congratulate you, by succeeding in putting an upgrade in the market, which is of the biggest importance for Michell owners worldwide... Please call John Michell, and tell him to include your armboard upgrade as a STANDARD with the Gyro or Orb decks!!! It impressed me by 1) Mega easy installment, and 2) The very first second of it sounding, it never sounded before! What an improvement... Super; the Transparancy, the controlled bass response, the imaging, the sound scape... I can go on and on and on... Perhaps a little hint: Let future owners tweak and play with tighting the 3 hex-screws with the little rubber ring: you can exactly "find" the best tension, by playing a piano record, with well recorded lefthand keyboard (like Bösendorfer Grand played by Tori Amos on Under the pink), and make sure the lower notes sound: 1) tuneful, 2) sparkling (also "bright") and 3) well defined and "weighty" enough! This is a piece of cake! Bravo! Thank you very much for this important upgrade! I will rethink my planned arm upgrade: Now I am able to get more of it, and I am more than happy with it, co working with your armboard adapter upgrade!"

GP Armboard Upgradekit

-Dave Cattermoul, Leicester, UK. November 2002

"First impressions

I installed the armboard modification a couple of weeks ago on my VC'd SE , with OL Silver arm and Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood. During the first few days I experimented with the number of PVC washers between the armplate and the frame, settling on the thickest of the three supplied on each of the bolts. I also experimented with the tightness of the bolts.

The beauty of the mod is that it is totally reversible if you do not like it (I do!) and does not break any warranties that may still apply.


The whole sound picture has opened with more detail, silkier strings and an air of relaxed authority. Climaxes build and build with no sense of strain and the image keeps the air around it (Stokowski Sheherezade, Berglund Sibelius) with no hardening of the treble. Bass is tight and deeper than before.

Gert has come up with a gem here, that improves the sound and looks good as well!

Any Gyro (or Orbe) user should try this."