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With all turntable-upgradekits follows thorough work-descriptions with drawings and photos, plus a CD-ROM with photos.


If you want Gert Pedersen to execute the upgrades, all you have to do is ship him the turntable.

For UK buyers, a local collaborator can execute the upgrades for you.


Here's a pricelist (the €-prices are just for guidance, please check the current rate from DKK to €):

International postage rates varies. Please mail for further details.

Michell GyroDec Upgrade

 * (Upgradekits for GyroDecs mounted with the Orbe platter contains a slightly other package of parts, making the kit a bit cheaper than GyroDecs not mounted with ORBE platter)

Michell GyroDec SE Upgrade

 * (GyroDec SE upgradekit includes new acrylic plinth)

Michell ORBE and ORBE SE Upgrades

 * (ORBE SE upgradekit includes new double acrylic plinth) ORBE SE TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT!


GP Armboard Upgrade

 With the GP Armboard Upgradekit follows thorough workdescription with diagram.

If you want to order an upgrade kit, or have any questions regarding the products, please send Gert Pedersen a mail, by clicking here.